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Why visit Germany?

Why visit Germany?

Why visit Germany?

At first, the great European power what Germany can be scary if we associate with this status industrial cities and hyper dynamic country. But the incredible heritage, confused, Germany, is breathtaking castles, museums, medieval towns, cathedrals, gastronomy, nature, palace, and history … there is plenty to do.

The strength of this country and the advantage to discover, is the ease to the people to mix history, culture, and modernity through a youth on whom Germany can count. So it turns out modern cities, where art is on the street, where the sights and mark your visit.

It was in Germany that you will find among the trendiest clubs in Europe, including Berlin, or even internationally known festivals. One thinks of the Oktoberfest in Munich, the famous beer festival.

It is also noted that Germany has coasts on the North and Baltic seas which is not overlooked. As the number of shared borders with other countries, which makes it possible a short stay in Germany if you’re in a neighboring country, or vice versa.

The cost of living in Germany is rather high, especially at events in cities at certain times of the year. But this should not dampen your wanderlust. Think, as everywhere, every type of budget can be found there. Eastern Germany is a bit cheaper, which encourages them to go discover Berlin.

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