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Halong Bay and Lan ha bay what to do

Halong Bay and Lan ha bay

Halong Bay and Lan ha bay

Halong is for years the focal point leading to the north. The bay includes a few thousand rocks which nearly 1000 islands and islets. They are infinitely varied forms, evoking many animal species, hence their names: Dragon Island, Monkey Island, Toad Island, Turtle Island, Island Gamecock etc.. Boats and motorboats are available for a cruise among the islands, islands with caves and grottoes to explore the hidden wonders of nature.


The Royal Island Zoo

Up to 200 km from ‘the beach there are rare species such as the white fox, white snake, birds and turtles unusual.

The Monkey Island

This is the place to be for the Red-nosed monkey.

Tra Co Bay

Located in the eastern part of the Sino-Vietnamese border, the bay stretches 15km from Sablon is one of the largest in the country. It offers beautiful scenery including the temple of Tra Co, Khanh Linh pagoda, Doi temple etc..

The Van Don Island

50km north-east of Halong City, the island is home to a botanical garden. There are some 600 islets

Mount of Yen Tu

40km north-west of Halong City, the Mount stands on the great mass of the Northeast, with picturesque landscapes and pagodas that hold Buddhism 13th century. Many royal dynasties have ranked among the most beautiful mountains in the country.

Thien Cung Cave

Ha Long, Halong, Vietnam 15km above the level of the sea cave was recently discovered (1995). It attracts tourists with its stalactites and stalagmites multifaceted.

Dau Go Cave

One of the most beautiful caves of Halong Bay, it has three cavities. The first is also the largest, it fascinates by the shapes of different colors of stalactites and stalagmites. However, the walls of the second sparkle that brightness is projected above. In the third there is a natural fresh water wells. For these reasons the French named it “Cave of Wonders”.

Lan ha Bay cruise

Next to Halong bay, Lan ha bay is a small bay , a little gem that few people know You can acces to this bay from Halong bay or from Hai Phong city in passing by Cat Ba island – This is the ideal place for lovers of hiking, kayaking, climbing and cruising , for more infos about this cruise , check out this site  to find the best otpions of tours for you

What to do in Hai Phong and Lan Ha bay cruise

Established in 1888, Hai Phong is located on the coast of the East Sea. The city offers many historic sites, temples, pagodas, mausoleums, shrines, all witness a rich tradition. You can stop here then visit some sites in the city center

Du Hang Pagoda

It was built as early as the first Ly (980-1009). Tran Nhan Tong Emperor (1258-1308), a fervent Buddhist liked to come to prayer. Pagoda, classified historic site still retains many relics including Buddha statues, urns, bells and gongs bronze and the prayer book Trang A Ham, which is an ancient Buddhist manuscript.

The  Hang Kenh communal house

It was built in 1856 and enlarged in 1905. His reputation is due to its beautiful wood carvings total of 156 rooms, with the dragon as the base theme. There are 308 dragons of different shapes and sizes. The pagoda also houses a statue of King Ngo Quyen and a palanquin old.

Do Son Bay

Do Son is some 22km south-west from the center of Hai Phong city, between two mouths of  Lach Tray and Van Uc Rivers. It is a mountainous and forest peninsula that stretches about 5 km to the East Sea. Nice beach with red water

The Cat Ba Island – Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba,  the largest island in Halong Bay, home to numerous lakes, waterfalls, caves and a huge national park, home to 20 species of mammals, 69 birds and 20 reptiles and amphibians. The Vooc , rare species under threat of disparition  is found on the cliffs that separate the island from the sea The island is also home of the yellow monkey, chamois and other rare birds such as the Cao Cat-king fisher, the Hut Mat, Dau Riu. The Cat Ba National Park has the largest expanse of tropical forest and pristine in  Vietnam. According to statistics it must host 745 plant species, 495 original lines, 149 families with a lot of medicinal plants such Cho Doi, the Trai Ly, Lat Hoa, Kim Giao and the Nuoc Va. Most of tourists come to have beach holiday as the islands have nices beaches  and for the Lan ha bay cruise, then cross Halong bay

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