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Some reasons why do not take pictures on your trip

I say this quite often on this blog, I find it hard to take pictures while traveling ! But in my job I sometimes take a lot of pictures and it is not so technical that I miss .I thought to write an article that could motivate myself about whether to unsheathe my camera in an urban environment and shoot all the faces that pass me.But in the end I thought , why convince me to take pictures , so that I could convince you not to do in certain situations ?

Far be it from me to dissuade you from taking your camera on a trip, but in fact there are situations in which you should avoid taking pictures if you want to enjoy the journey.So here are four reasons for me and situations where every traveler should point the lens towards the ground.

1 – Living in the present

Take a pcture are actions that take “out of the moment.” Being in front of a beautiful sunset on the Crimean beaches or Asia, can become stressful when trying to set the color saturation of the camera to capture the moment. Facing a millennium temple you will ask more questions about the f-stop to choose rather than hands that have shaped and carved these stones. Joy and surprise to see a humpback whale appear on the surface of the sea can turn into disappointment if you fail to capture your photo to the “National Geographic” .Share the photo collection of travel with friends is fun when we returned from a trip, but you have to wonder if being continually behind your goal you do not cut this travel experience as you live.

2 – False memories

There a few years ago while visiting Bali, the first beautiful landscape that was presented to me was that of Mount Batur , a powerful volcano in the center of the island.I managed to take a picture that captured the scene perfectly. Maybe too perfect, because now every time I remember this volcano , the image that comes to mind and that of the photo I took , not as long as I lived .Think and remember memories of your vacation pictures coming back to mind Are those pictures taken or moments that you experienced ? Disturbing is not it ? For my part I prefer to remember the moments lived rather than pixels.

3 – Pictures do not do justice

When I was in Scotland in the Highlands. Before me this beautiful view of the green hills of sight , no one around me , a calm and soothing silence , powerful and light wind at the same time caressing her face , small raindrops.Faced with this scene that provoked a lot of emotion, I hastened to take a picture to capture the moment .Returning a few weeks later I was very disappointed with this photo I wanted to share with my friends. It does not convey the emotion felt during that time that mixed a lot of sense .Since the face of this type of landscape , I prefer to sit , contemplate and breathe.Believe me, you will not forget what you see .In fact, without a photo , you will remember even better. Which brings me to the last point .

4 – Remember as we have lived

One of my passions is surfing and during one of my trips with friends we wanted to take our picture for a few sessions. It was really fun to slide on the waves every day , but at the end of this trip we realized that we did not take any pictures !At the end of the trip I started to believe that I was not as good as I thought surfing and the photos that I could have confirmed to me.Maybe the waves were smaller than what I thought , maybe I looked like an idiot surfing , maybe , maybe , maybe …But no, the memories I have of myself on this trip are positive, I remember surfing like a pro on big waves , and really enjoyed myself with my friends.Will there has pictures that could prove otherwise ? Not . So the memories I have are the ones I have experienced.

Understand this , I say that you should throw your Canon in the canyon . The photos are an important part of any adventure and I happen to take . Especially since I have this blog to share with you my experience.

But know that for me it is important to live in the moment , my fondest memories will unfortunately never published nor dope and I sincerely invite you to enjoy your trip in the same way …

And you , do you agree with these points?

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