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The best diving spots in Peru

In the land of hot water and the beach

As Peru is bordered by the Pacific Ocean , there are many sites highly prized by surfers . Moreover , many schools set up along the beaches offer introductory courses and equipment hire , which makes the experience easily accessible during a trip to Peru. What we are talking a little less, is diving . It is true that Peru is not a priori the first destination that comes to mind to explore the seabed . But let’s be frank, it is a little similar to rafting, paragliding, beach or even haute cuisine , right? The perennial problem of Peru is that it suffers from its image of ” Land of the Incas Machu Picchu where the llamas and prevail .” And yet it has much more to offer!



Talking about diving, Lonely tell you that the water is cold except from mid -December to March, during the summer of Peru. For myself bathed in the Pacific waters Lima in winter , I can tell you that the water temperature is more than bearable. It is true that I was almost the only one to venture there and from Quebec, I am quite accustomed to fresh water lakes, but in all honesty , I found it great … and I’m far from being courageous when it comes to cold water ! In southern Peru , it is possible to snorkel in the Lima area , but also in Arequipa, Ica , Pisco region , and the Paracas National Reserve along the famous sea lions

However, the best diving spots are certainly found in northern Peru . Piura , Tumbes and Ancash is a paradise for the beach , fishing and water sports in general. For diving, more precisely , which makes northern Peru more interesting is that the tropical current warms the water. In addition, the seabed are richer in species with colorful tropical fish, turtles , sea lions and even whales . In short, it is an activity not to be missed during a trip to Peru !

For beginners : El Nuro or Caleta el Nuro ( Piura ) is a fishing village with a beautiful beach . Not only the place is really quiet , but the waters are impressive turquoise shades. There is a large colony of endangered turtles , almost always visible during the dive .

For advanced : Just a few kilometers away , there is Los Organos ( Piura ) , best known for being one of the best surfing in Peru. It take its name from the wind which creates a sound similar to an organ when it comes to cutting down on the rocks of Punta Veleros . Must leave the beach and head to the abandoned ( 20min by boat from the main pier) oil platform to find the best dive site (quite original I must say !) . Large columns supporting the platform down to 70 meters deep and are covered with corals and shellfish of all kinds . Fish are constantly attracted to this place for food which is a pretty sight. You can even see some sea lions resting on the platform ! The diving here is up to 30 meters deep.

Visit the region from Lima

– Take a plane ticket to Tumbes , then a taxi ($ 25 , 1.5 h) or colectivo ( $ 3, 2h) 150 km.

– Otherwise, Piura management plane, but the distance separating it from los Organos is longer ( 2:30) .

– You can also choose the bus companies with Cruz del Sur or Palominos . The trip takes 20 hours , which can be difficult to make in terms of time if your stay is short enough concession.

Punta Sal ( Tumbes ) is also unique . Made for divers of all levels , exploring reefs is colorful : tropical fish , turtles, octopuses and seahorses roam the seabed to the delight of our eyes. Diving is 12 to 18m deep.

Of course , several diving schools offer both courses , all kinds of packages or just the equipment rental. You will even find many hotel offering overnight packages and diving. What is unique here is that the atmosphere is relaxed and rather quiet beaches . You will see some people walking on the sand , but tourism has not yet invaded these little corners of paradise . That, my friends, is the good life .

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