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Family or a honeymoon travel : Tips for good fishing in Mauritius

Tips for good fishing in Mauritius

Tips for good fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius is known for its beautiful beaches and seabed. For Family or a honeymoon in Mauritius , this destination offers relaxation, water sports or cultural visits. Among these activities, the fishing is particularly popular and prolific in Mauritius .

Watersports and diving to explore the seabed are very common activities in Mauritius . Its coral reef offers indeed an incredible marine life where you can observe fish from the smallest to the largest , the most common to the most exotic . The lighthouse is also done much work on this island is the fishing. Mauritius has also been recognized as one of the best destinations in the Indian Ocean for fishing.

Tips for good fishing in Mauritius

If fishing has become the flagship activity of the island for fishermen, it is also a very popular tourist excursion. With an organization or fishermen present on the ports, you can go off the Indian Ocean and participate in a memorable experience. First of all, here are some tips for this trip goes well .

– It’s best to talk directly with fishermen to go to sea

– Avoid up the east coast of Mauritius , as there is little boats and strong winds . Therefore prefer the west coast of Grand Bay north through Trou aux Biches and the Black River in the Southwest . There is a fishing center in Black River, about 10 minutes from Flic en Flac .

– Choosing the right boat. Indeed, pick a long boat, at least 10 meters . In addition, if you are single or a couple , try to find three or four more people to take a boat to better negotiate the price of the tour. In Mauritius , the prices vary greatly from one fisherman to another. The amount may vary from 250 to 500 euros for a boat of 10 meters for a period of about 10 fishing hours

– Leaving in the morning at sea because the fishing is better . You will be able to do from a morning or throughout the day.

Before leaving the fishing must also make sure you do not get seasick and arm yourself with patience. In fact, the fishing can be hectic as quiet as to return empty-handed …

Lazing on the beautiful beaches and excursions of all kinds , Mauritius is the ideal destination to combine relaxation and activities.

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