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Great plan to visit Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Le Mont-Saint-Michel can be visited in a day from Paris

If you go visit Paris soon, you might be tempted by a trip to Mont Saint Michel. The latter is certainly far from Paris, but it is one of the most visited sites in France, but also one of the most beautiful. Enjoy being in the North of France to finally explore what made ​​the reputation of Normandy. A day trip from Paris in the mythical town ensconced Mont Saint-Michel is an opportunity you will not want to miss: Mount and the bay that surrounds it, are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1979. It is not by chance that it was nicknamed the Mont Saint Michel the “Wonder of the West.”

Topped with a huge rich in history and beautiful architecture equipped with Abbey, the village of 43 inhabitants has winding streets and medieval streets that take you back in the past and where you can enjoy fresh air large bowls. You will observe around Mount tides among the most spectacular in the world, offering views evolving.

But located 5 hours drive west of Paris, is it possible to enjoy the breathtaking view of Mont Saint Michel in such a short time? The answer is yes: in the space of a single day, it is possible to leave Paris and go to Mont-Saint-Michel and return the same evening in the City of Light.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel can be visited in a day from Paris

Le Mont-Saint-Michel can be visited in a day from Paris

But a busy day full of discoveries

Upon arrival, after taking a few minutes to enjoy, agape, the stunning views of Mont Saint Michel, you have 4 hours to visit the village and the abbey (if you chose the option “free”, see below). As children entering Disneyland, you may have first a little hungry: do not hesitate to perk up with a nice meal of Normandy, drinking some cider. Then you’ll have time to wander the cobbled streets to the abbey, the main attraction. With your purchase through the link below tickets, you will not have to queue and can go directly inside the magnificent Gothic building.

After visiting the abbey for 1 hour or more, you’ll have time to stroll through the streets of the small town, sunbathing in a small green park if the weather permits, and observe the movements of the tide around Mont Saint Michel. You will have the opportunity to enter eclectic shops to buy some souvenirs Norman and even eat a piece before getting into the bus late afternoon.

Book online for convenience

Several choices are available to you to visit the Mont Saint Michel. You can take the option “free”, which for only 125 €, offers direct travel to the site via an air-conditioned bus, a ticket to the abbey, and four hours of free time to explore the mountain freely . A second option for € 170 includes lunch and a guided tour. Please note that prices may vary, so do not hesitate to click on this button below for more information (what types of clothing depending on the season take for example …). You will also see that it is possible to book a real living from Paris, why not with a tour of the castles of the Loire (in 2 or 3 days) or the landing beaches, St Malo, etc …

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