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Mexico – Campeche city – where to stay and eat

Mexico – Campeche city

Mexico – Campeche city

As I was telling you last time, Edzna Mayan site is at about  60 km from the city of Campeche where we stayed for one night only, in our way to Merida. The city of Campeche, actually San Francisco de Campeche is the capital of Campeche region where there is a lot to see. Unfortunately for us, we had time to see only the beautiful Edzna Mayan city I have already told you about.

I will not say much about Campeche city about which you can read on many sites – I’ll only say it was the main city of the Mayan region Ah Kin Pech and it belongs to UNESCO world heritage list.

We arrived in the city around 6 p.m and, obviously, we went first to check in at the hotel I had booked –  Hotel del Mar, a Best Western hotel that I had chosen well. It was nice and comfortable, at a reasonable price (about 60 euro/double room breakfast included), it had an outside pool and, what is more important, it was facing the sea.

Another beautiful hotel where you might stay in Campeche is Castermar which is closer to the center, looks very well and its prices are also reasonable. Furthermore it has very good comments.

After checking in and refreshing a little bit, we had just a little time to catch some light and admire and blue, quiet sea.

We then headed towards the center to look for a restaurant to have dinner. As it was at the beginning of January, the entire central square (Independence Square) was highly lighted and decorated for winter holidays. It was rather strange for us, coming from a country with serious winters, with cold and snow, to look at the Christmas decoration at 25 degrees Celsius (like in Ciudad de Mexico as well).

In the central square there is a very beautiful cathedral that was very nicely put to value by the lighting on its facade.

The first restaurant we stopped at is probably also the best known and appreciated because of its traditional atmosphere and location – Casa Vieja – which is at the first floor of a colonial building facing the square.

However we stayed there just for a beer because we did not feel inspired by the menu, the service did not seem great and it actually felt too touristic.

So we left, turned right and found a local restaurant, La Parroquia, where we ate very well and had some very good cocktails as well. Prices were very reasonable and most Mexicans were eating there. La Parroquia is also a hostel but I would not recommend it.

Practically this was our experience in Campeche. Maybe next time.

One of the most important things we missed in the region was Calakmul biosphere reserve which is at about 320 km from Campeche town, and where there is a very large number of animals, insects, birds, reptiles and plants and where there is also a very impressive Mayan archaeological site.  I still regret not having seen it. I only saw pictures in the albums and on the Internet. Fantastic!

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