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Discover the Lavezzi islands

From the moment I told my colleagues that my husband and I were planning to go to Corsica , the reaction was unanimous and there were many to advise me to discover the Lavezzi islands. So I trusted them and planned this trip when we went to Bonifacio.

It is an archipelago of small islands located about ten kilometers from the French coast , between Bonifacio and Sardinia. They are protected and classified sea space blocks are divided between France and Italy and are for sailors, with a maximum altitude of 50 meters, the most dangerous of the Mediterranean area. Indeed , there are many islands that just flush the water , so imagine the difficulty of tracing a secure way in the middle , especially in rough seas.

1984, The island of Cavallo, off the coast of Corsica. (Photo by Slim Aarons/Getty Images)

1984, The island of Cavallo, off the coast of Corsica.

It is on this main island that Bonifacio , many companies offer to organise tour for you . Crossing direct to the driveway , do not take more than half an hour , and is obviously not guaranteed if the weather is favorable. The boats leave in the morning , you leave the island and come find you in the afternoon at the appointed time . It is possible to pay for the services of a guide , to discuss wildlife, flora and items relating to cemeteries.

Personally, we spent for these services, but on the way , we met a young responsible for the observation of the site, taking into account the low attendance of the island at that time ( the second half of September ) we have presented his life on the islands and even a nesting place I do not know what species of birds. We even got to watch the chicks in the absence of parents went fishing all day.

It is obvious that full season , supervisors are careful not to show the nesting sites to the public to respect the tranquility of individuals. They explained to us and their way of life , rather precariously on the island . For example , I remember that hot water is provided by their solar panels that ensure a range of 4 to 5 days .

We then visited the two sailors cemeteries. They are very pretty , pure white , which contrasts with the blue sea and sky, but I must admit that the term visit and a big word . Indeed, given the possible identification of the bodies , all the graves are anonymous , except of course, those of the captain , who even had a vault, and the chaplain.

We then headed to one of the small beaches accessible. And I must admit that despite the attendance, they are beautiful , small indeed, but with such a clear turquoise water and if that apart from the lack of coconut , you could imagine the Caribbean !

The beauty of the site inevitably attracts owners of small boats from wet there, and although it is a protected site , some have no qualms degassing nearby. Thus, one finds here and there fuel pellets . What a mess !

We then quietly back to the pier to take the next shuttle to Bonifacio. On return, we take a tour through the islands and Corsica guide explains that it is classified protected in France as in Italy site, our transalpine neighbors do not have the same conception of protection with respect to construction. Thus our merry commentator shows some villas built on islands privatized , money and fame of their own that allowed them to overcome many constraints .Then, our guide shows us proudly how Corsican nationalists decided to enforce this archipelago …

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