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15+ months is a looooong time to be traveling with someone, especially if said person is your significant other. We implore you to email us so that we keep ourselves busy and avoid strangling one another. Are you planning your own RTW trip? Maybe we can help you out based on our trials and tribulations. Do you have tips on which places we have to see or which locales to avoid like the plague? We would love suggestions from fellow travelers! Wanna let us know that our blog sucks? Hey, we can take criticism like champs (fuck*cough*you). Perhaps we’re passing through your neck of the woods and you’d like to meet up for a drink or offer up your couch. Holla!

tdandkim (at) anotherfuckingtravelblog (dot) com

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– Kim and TD (a.k.a. Pizzle and Dizzle)

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