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Travel tips : Vietnam Climate – Destination- Appropriate plan

Certainly, weather conditions is one of the determining elements for the traveling decisions. If you are heading to Vietnam, then, take it easy to create up your mind. Vietnam’s environment is not just steamy sizzling as everything you are often subjected to on films. All year long right here, almost always there is an ideal place where it is pleasant to stay. Essentially, the whole country falls into the tropic and subtropics nevertheless stretching duration and different topography allow it to span several different climate zones. The weather thus, tends to vary significantly from period to period as well as from area to area.

You are going to head to Halong Bay organise the most common boat vacation. However, you need to explore Catba, the greatest remote island within the western portion of the bay. CatBa town, sadly, seems to be undergoing a building boom, and also you feel it was really touristy. However , it’s advised a visit to the island, if you are certain to enter the inside, high continue to be few roads and a lot of unspoilt scenery. Get an automobile during the day and experience the particular drive. Don’t bother with the trek from your national park entrance – the promised views are unsatisfactory. You can also have a boat trip in the town, that was less crowded compared to one you takein the main section of the bay. Read some reviews from travellers here in Tripadvisor  about Halong bay and Catba island

The Vietnamese seem to be real food lovers . Flavor the meals to them is of vital importance. Every dish has its own additional ingredients and garnish: boiled chicken offered along with lime green leaves plus a bit pepper salt, crab vermicelli along with special marjoram plus Nem along with seafood fermented spices added sugar, white vinegar, hot chili plus garlic herb, and so forth .

To acquire your Vietnam Visa, The agency – located in Vietnam – obtains from the Department of Immigration a letter of approval bearing the traveller’s name, date of birth, date of arrival, nationality and passport number, and then forwards that letter to the traveller (in PDF or JPEG format) by email or fax, usually within three working days. It is common to get the letter with several other applicants passport details (passport number, date ,full name, etc . . Check this webpage to get more infos about Vietnam journey suggestions

Vietnam trekking : What to visit in Vietnam according to the Huffington Post?

Vietnam trekking

Vietnam trekking

According to the article published in the Huffington Post, five tourist sites are considered sites not to be missed during your trip to Vietnam with Sapa rice terraces , mountains and forests of Ha Giang , Ha Bay long ( Quang Ninh Province ) , the beach of Nha Trang ( Khanh Hoa province ) , the sand dunes of Mui Ne ( Binh Thuan province ) .

Rice terraces of Sapa

Grown by local for centuries, the rice terraces is famous Sapa . Through the seasons, they go yellow Hay, pale green, before reaching just before harvest pure green breathtaking , almost fluorescent. In addition, the rice terraces of Sapa have been recognized as one of the seven rice terraces grandest of Asia and the world in general by Travel and Leisure magazine . This is a special culture in the development of traditional agriculture, mastered by locals 700 – 1500m .

To enjoy the beauty of all yellow and experience the daily life of villagers fields, you should travel to Sapa rice harvest season ( August, September or October).

Mountains and forests of Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the far north of Vietnam. Due to its geographical position alternating large Cordilleras with rivers and streams, this province offers the most spectacular scenery in the country mountains. In particular, this region will surprise you with a fabulous panoramic view of landscape and also by the managements and spontaneous behavior of ethnic : girls wash into streams, children run and throw flowers in the air , etc. . For those who love adventure , hiking and trekking  , Ha Giang is definitely the best choice during your stay in Vietnam. Check this site vietnam trekking to explore your best options for hiking tour in this province

Ha Long Bay

World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994, Ha Long Bay is undoubtedly a natural wonder of the country. Bay offers a picturesque landscape with extrêmenent diversity of beautiful islands of all sizes, all shapes, even large seaside resorts and the most famous caves and cellars. By a boat in Ha Long Bay and admiring its islands , you seem to face the dragons who are diving into the Sea. This is the origin of the name Ha Long ( Descending Dragon ) .

Nha Trang Beach

“Paradise” is the word that refers to both the beauty of the beach of Nha Trang. With a coastline of 40 km in length with over 200 islands , the Nha Trang Bay is called the ” Miami of South East Asia .” It offers tourists the very favorable conditions: beautiful nature, beautiful assets , soft and pleasant climate, friendly people , etc. .Nha Trang is now up to the club of the world’s most beautiful bays. It attracts , already , more international visitors . Foreign presses Nha Trang ranked first among the friendliest Vietnamese sites.

Sand dunes of Mui Ne

The sand dune is one of Mui Ne sand dunes securities greatest. Indeed, these sand dunes and desert evoke the undulating landscapes of the Sahara. It is an ideal place to rest, a natural place to immortalize cliché for photographers and also a dream destination for lovers of seaside pleasures .The color of the sand dunes here changes over time , from dawn to dusk , giving a source of inspiration for many artists. Arrival in Mui Ne, everyone wants to get on top of large sand dunes to immerse themselves in a world of sand, test presentation of slides on the sand and even hitting aware .

Vietnam travel tips : Get your visa for Vietnam here easy and cheap, but remember that this visa is only for travellers coming to Vietnam by airway

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What to do in Hai Phong and Lan Ha bay cruise

Established in 1888, Hai Phong is located on the coast of the East Sea. The city offers many historic sites, temples, pagodas, mausoleums, shrines, all witness a rich tradition. You can stop here then visit some sites in the city center

Du Hang Pagoda

It was built as early as the first Ly (980-1009). Tran Nhan Tong Emperor (1258-1308), a fervent Buddhist liked to come to prayer. Pagoda, classified historic site still retains many relics including Buddha statues, urns, bells and gongs bronze and the prayer book Trang A Ham, which is an ancient Buddhist manuscript.

The  Hang Kenh communal house

It was built in 1856 and enlarged in 1905. His reputation is due to its beautiful wood carvings total of 156 rooms, with the dragon as the base theme. There are 308 dragons of different shapes and sizes. The pagoda also houses a statue of King Ngo Quyen and a palanquin old.

Do Son Bay

Do Son is some 22km south-west from the center of Hai Phong city, between two mouths of  Lach Tray and Van Uc Rivers. It is a mountainous and forest peninsula that stretches about 5 km to the East Sea. Nice beach with red water

The Cat Ba Island – Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba,  the largest island in Halong Bay, home to numerous lakes, waterfalls, caves and a huge national park, home to 20 species of mammals, 69 birds and 20 reptiles and amphibians. The Vooc , rare species under threat of disparition  is found on the cliffs that separate the island from the sea The island is also home of the yellow monkey, chamois and other rare birds such as the Cao Cat-king fisher, the Hut Mat, Dau Riu. The Cat Ba National Park has the largest expanse of tropical forest and pristine in  Vietnam. According to statistics it must host 745 plant species, 495 original lines, 149 families with a lot of medicinal plants such Cho Doi, the Trai Ly, Lat Hoa, Kim Giao and the Nuoc Va. Most of tourists come to have beach holiday as the islands have nices beaches  and for the Lan ha bay cruise, then cross Halong bay

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