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Things to Do in and Around Phoenix Arizona

Things to Do in and Around Phoenix Arizona

Things to Do in and Around Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix, along with its surrounding cities, has become one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country. It offers everything you could want in a big city like art galleries, museums, pro sports teams, restaurants, and nightlife. In addition, it has wonderful choices for outdoor activities, scenic day trips, and a taste of the old west.

For the “city slickers”, Phoenix offers a several museums, but the Heard Museum is the most unique. Its exhibits feature the art of Native Americans of the Southwest, including Barry Goldwater’s famous collection of Kachina Dolls. The Heard presents annual events like the Hoop Dance championship for Native American dancers.

Nearby Scottsdale has more than 100 art galleries and every Thursday visitors can enjoy the art walk with special exhibits and live music. Scottsdale’s Old Town is a mecca of big city-style shopping, especially at the upscale Fashion Square Mall. Old Town also offers a wide array of shops in which to purchase beautiful Native American arts, crafts, and jewelry.

If you prefer nature and the beauty of the desert to the typical big city glitz and glamour, a visit to the Desert Botanical Gardens is mandatory. This different take on the usual botanical garden has the most amazing collection of desert plants that includes 139 very rare and endangered species of plants from all over the world. In fact, the Desert Botanical Gardens is a member of the American Association of Museums.

Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the hiking trails of Piestewa Peak, which is part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. One of the most recognizable features of the Phoenix area is Camelback Mountain, a monolith of granite that resembles a camel at rest. Camelback is a prominent characteristic of the Phoenix skyline. Camelback offers several mountain trails that provide the avid hiker with many different skill levels, along with a variety of views of Phoenix and the surrounding terrain.

Brave day-trippers can drive the Apache Trail. This drive begins twenty-five miles east of Phoenix at Apache Junction and winds for forty-six miles from there to Roosevelt Lake and Roosevelt dam, great site for a weekend getaways for couples. This beautiful drive takes you high into the mountains past Lost Dutchman State Park, Saguaro Lake, and the ghost town of Goldfield. Along the way is the Canyon Lake Recreation Area. The Apache Trail drive is one of America’s Scenic Byways designated by the U.S. Forest Service.

Author: He write many travel and holiday tips and destinations in many websites. Specialist of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, he advice Vietnam visa for those searching infomations about vietnam , laos and cambodia

Family or a honeymoon travel : Tips for good fishing in Mauritius

Tips for good fishing in Mauritius

Tips for good fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius is known for its beautiful beaches and seabed. For Family or a honeymoon in Mauritius , this destination offers relaxation, water sports or cultural visits. Among these activities, the fishing is particularly popular and prolific in Mauritius .

Watersports and diving to explore the seabed are very common activities in Mauritius . Its coral reef offers indeed an incredible marine life where you can observe fish from the smallest to the largest , the most common to the most exotic . The lighthouse is also done much work on this island is the fishing. Mauritius has also been recognized as one of the best destinations in the Indian Ocean for fishing.

Tips for good fishing in Mauritius

If fishing has become the flagship activity of the island for fishermen, it is also a very popular tourist excursion. With an organization or fishermen present on the ports, you can go off the Indian Ocean and participate in a memorable experience. First of all, here are some tips for this trip goes well .

– It’s best to talk directly with fishermen to go to sea

– Avoid up the east coast of Mauritius , as there is little boats and strong winds . Therefore prefer the west coast of Grand Bay north through Trou aux Biches and the Black River in the Southwest . There is a fishing center in Black River, about 10 minutes from Flic en Flac .

– Choosing the right boat. Indeed, pick a long boat, at least 10 meters . In addition, if you are single or a couple , try to find three or four more people to take a boat to better negotiate the price of the tour. In Mauritius , the prices vary greatly from one fisherman to another. The amount may vary from 250 to 500 euros for a boat of 10 meters for a period of about 10 fishing hours

– Leaving in the morning at sea because the fishing is better . You will be able to do from a morning or throughout the day.

Before leaving the fishing must also make sure you do not get seasick and arm yourself with patience. In fact, the fishing can be hectic as quiet as to return empty-handed …

Lazing on the beautiful beaches and excursions of all kinds , Mauritius is the ideal destination to combine relaxation and activities.

Travel tips : Vietnam Climate – Destination- Appropriate plan

Certainly, weather conditions is one of the determining elements for the traveling decisions. If you are heading to Vietnam, then, take it easy to create up your mind. Vietnam’s environment is not just steamy sizzling as everything you are often subjected to on films. All year long right here, almost always there is an ideal place where it is pleasant to stay. Essentially, the whole country falls into the tropic and subtropics nevertheless stretching duration and different topography allow it to span several different climate zones. The weather thus, tends to vary significantly from period to period as well as from area to area.

You are going to head to Halong Bay organise the most common boat vacation. However, you need to explore Catba, the greatest remote island within the western portion of the bay. CatBa town, sadly, seems to be undergoing a building boom, and also you feel it was really touristy. However , it’s advised a visit to the island, if you are certain to enter the inside, high continue to be few roads and a lot of unspoilt scenery. Get an automobile during the day and experience the particular drive. Don’t bother with the trek from your national park entrance – the promised views are unsatisfactory. You can also have a boat trip in the town, that was less crowded compared to one you takein the main section of the bay. Read some reviews from travellers here in Tripadvisor  about Halong bay and Catba island

The Vietnamese seem to be real food lovers . Flavor the meals to them is of vital importance. Every dish has its own additional ingredients and garnish: boiled chicken offered along with lime green leaves plus a bit pepper salt, crab vermicelli along with special marjoram plus Nem along with seafood fermented spices added sugar, white vinegar, hot chili plus garlic herb, and so forth .

To acquire your Vietnam Visa, The agency – located in Vietnam – obtains from the Department of Immigration a letter of approval bearing the traveller’s name, date of birth, date of arrival, nationality and passport number, and then forwards that letter to the traveller (in PDF or JPEG format) by email or fax, usually within three working days. It is common to get the letter with several other applicants passport details (passport number, date ,full name, etc . . Check this webpage to get more infos about Vietnam journey suggestions

How to Travel and Work in Australia for an Extended Vacation

Many travelers dream of extending their vacation by working. Thanks to modern technology, this dream is readily achievable without migration assistance, the hassles of work visas, or the uncertainty of finding short term employment. One does not need to get lucky to have a travel job in Australia. Extended travel is possible by partaking in multiple forms of employment using modern technology. A traveler can teach a language online, write web content, become a Youtube affiliate, create a blog, flip items, or work at a hostel.

How to Travel and Work in Australia

How to Travel and Work in Australia

Teach Your Native Language Online

There is a huge demand for language tutors online. The requirements are that you must be able to speak a language, you have a working internet connection, and access to a Skype or another digital call platform. People will pay to have language partners (or conversation partners) at a rate of $10 per 30 minute lesson. If you are a skilled teacher, you can charge higher rates. Teaching online is an amazing opportunity because there is always someone in some part of the world interested in learning your language. Popular websites include italki, skimatalk, buddyschool, or self advertising using Craigs List.

Teach a Skill Online

Similar to language teachers, you can teach any skill you have developed using online platforms. These skills may be a musical instrument, knitting, or origami. You can set your own price and teach whenever you want. A popular website for teaching any skill is Juke Box Lessons.

Write Web Content

Content mills create web content. Have you ever read a “5 ways to blah, blah, blah” article? That was likely written by someone who produces web content as a part time job. There are many places that pay between $5-$10 per piece of web content. The advantage of writing web content is that your internet connection does not have to be perfect. This is great for someone who is traveling around Australia. You can try your luck on Textbroker, elance or fiverr.

Become a YouTube Affiliate

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. If you can produce great video content regularly, you may consider monetizing your YouTube account. A monetized account will allow you to make money through advertising on your videos. You can use websites like reddit and buzzfeed to generate large amounts of traffic to your channel. Due to the viral nature and short attention span of the internet, expect the money to come in waves.

Create a Blog and Advertise

Affiliate advertising on blogs is one of the oldest long term traveler tricks. You can create a travel blog about your experiences in Australia and generate a viewership that allows you to collect small amounts of money per post hit. One secret to gaining more money on your blog is using “click bait”, a method of generating more advertisement views by having to reader click through slides to view the material.

Flip Items

Flipping items in Australia is a fun way to generate money. It requires a good eye and a little bit of start-up cash. The best place to sell items is on eBay or Craigs List. You can carve out a niche in the marketplace and generate revenue while sustaining your travels.

Work at a Hostel

Hostels are full of travelers with the same mindset as you. They want to experience the local culture of Australia and create great memories. If you are friendly, personable, knowledgeable about local attraction and tours, then you can become an employee at a hoste as described in my french friend’s blog . Usually new employs will only be offered room and board for their services. More skilled employees, such as those who help with migration assistance, can typically earn a spot on the company payroll.

World Travel Guides Reference Egypt As An Incredible Vacation Spot

Checking out any world travel guide that discusses the south of Egypt; an individual will find Saqqara which is home to the Step Pyramid of Djoser created in 2630 BC. Pyramid of Pepi II, also located at Saqqara was the very last pyramid built by ancient Egyptians. In Dahshur, the Bent and the Red Pyramids are based. And down south at Maidum, the Maidum Pyramid may be discovered.



Take a look at the temples, mummies, tombs, hieroglyphics, and Valley of the Kings and the Queens in the event you visit Egypt as stated by the best vacation planning tips which will offer you the finest holiday travel deals. Apart from Egypt, listed here are four more impressive worldwide locations.

Rome : See ancient Rome still intact with proof of Roman design and style and architectures made more than 2000 years ago. Rome shows the living timeline from the Roman Empire up to the shift of the Middle Ages, to baroque and renaissance, to the dawn of the romantic period and enlightenment. Rome maintains its very own temples, churches, arts and invaluable paintings and murals.

Turkey : The former territory of the Roman Empire which stood strong for over a thousand years against several barbarian attack. Turkey is within the easternmost region of Europe that features a diverse civilization, religion, philosophy, and architectures.

China : Travel Far East and learn the historical past of the ancient eastern civilization that was once unknown till the last centuries. See the Great Wall, a remnant of the Zhou Dynasty together with some other distinctive oriental culture and tradition. Check out the Chinese painting, calligraphy, paper cutting, and Chinese art work.

Peru : As the heart of the Inca civilization, Peru is the best destination for student travel for discovery of South American history. The 500 year old Inca traces may be relived in the Inca Trail that’s both thrilling and educational. Walk to the Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman, Machu Picchu, and Pisac.

Travel Advices for UK , India and Egypt Travel

UK Travel Advice

If you love exploring the tourists destinations based in the UK then there is lot for you that are all enriched with great varieties of activities and exciting things to do. Some of the places based in UK that has been considered to be the most exotic destinations for years and have till now been visited by millions and millions of travelers every year are Anglesey, Bath, Cardigan, Chester, Ely, Hereford, Lincoln, Norwich, Salisbury, Vale of White Horse, Wells, Wensleydale, Winchcombe and others.

The best UK travel advice that can be provided to you while you are out for your venture is that never leave things to be done in a haste. You should always think of getting all important things done in advance rather than hurrying and rushing in the last minute. Now that can be anything like booking the flights, buying holiday packages, booking hotels and ground transportation and so on. You can also look for reliable guides if the place that you have chosen to go is very new to you. A guide can not only help you in utilizing your time and money in the right way and in the right place but will also save you from being deceived by any local mischievous person.

So, you are just required to browse the best online holiday site, look for the places and the holiday deals and book a package for yourself in advance who will cut much of your extra costs. For that you can always consider visiting the holiday site Travel Advice Worldwide.

India Travel Advice

Are you looking for visiting India in your holiday vacations this time? If you have planned to move for India then that undoubtedly is one of the best decisions but along with that you must also know these things that India is a vast country of Asia. If you want to explore every nook and corner and experience all specialties of this place, then you must take a good deal of time in your hands and then head off towards it.

East, west, north, south- every part of this country have some specialty about it and exploring all these will be a unique experience for you. For summer and winter and for all other seasons, there will be an option for you in India and hence, going to India will be one of the best experiences of your lifetime. Some of the places that you can consider for our tour around India are Shimla, Manali, Darjeeling, Assam, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kashmir, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru and so on. Each of these places has something different and exciting to offer to its visitors.

Thinly thing that can be of great help for you while you plan your holiday in India will be to make the booking of the flights and the holiday packages in advance. Booking the holiday packages and the flights before the peak time is one of the wisely acts that works a lot in cutting the extra costs. So, this time when you think of moving towards India, browse the pages of  Outdoor Travel Advice website

Egypt Travel Advice

The services provided at our holiday site Travel Advice Worldwide are implemented with the sole target of helping out all sorts of travelers. Any destination whether it is in UK, India or Egypt, is extensively mentioned at our site that can help anybody in deciding and selecting his destination. The travel advices that are being provided basing on the difference in the places and the season, often are very helpful in guiding one.

However, along with the detailed information on the holiday destinations, reasonable holiday packages with striking offers too are made available at this site. The travelers can compare the prices of the packages and choose the most suitable one.

So, from all points of view, this is one holiday site that can assist you to the fullest and in making your holiday a pleasant experience. From now onwards whenever you think of planning your holiday come to our site and get assisted.

Some reasons why do not take pictures on your trip

I say this quite often on this blog, I find it hard to take pictures while traveling ! But in my job I sometimes take a lot of pictures and it is not so technical that I miss .I thought to write an article that could motivate myself about whether to unsheathe my camera in an urban environment and shoot all the faces that pass me.But in the end I thought , why convince me to take pictures , so that I could convince you not to do in certain situations ?

Far be it from me to dissuade you from taking your camera on a trip, but in fact there are situations in which you should avoid taking pictures if you want to enjoy the journey.So here are four reasons for me and situations where every traveler should point the lens towards the ground.

1 – Living in the present

Take a pcture are actions that take “out of the moment.” Being in front of a beautiful sunset on the Crimean beaches or Asia, can become stressful when trying to set the color saturation of the camera to capture the moment. Facing a millennium temple you will ask more questions about the f-stop to choose rather than hands that have shaped and carved these stones. Joy and surprise to see a humpback whale appear on the surface of the sea can turn into disappointment if you fail to capture your photo to the “National Geographic” .Share the photo collection of travel with friends is fun when we returned from a trip, but you have to wonder if being continually behind your goal you do not cut this travel experience as you live.

2 – False memories

There a few years ago while visiting Bali, the first beautiful landscape that was presented to me was that of Mount Batur , a powerful volcano in the center of the island.I managed to take a picture that captured the scene perfectly. Maybe too perfect, because now every time I remember this volcano , the image that comes to mind and that of the photo I took , not as long as I lived .Think and remember memories of your vacation pictures coming back to mind Are those pictures taken or moments that you experienced ? Disturbing is not it ? For my part I prefer to remember the moments lived rather than pixels.

3 – Pictures do not do justice

When I was in Scotland in the Highlands. Before me this beautiful view of the green hills of sight , no one around me , a calm and soothing silence , powerful and light wind at the same time caressing her face , small raindrops.Faced with this scene that provoked a lot of emotion, I hastened to take a picture to capture the moment .Returning a few weeks later I was very disappointed with this photo I wanted to share with my friends. It does not convey the emotion felt during that time that mixed a lot of sense .Since the face of this type of landscape , I prefer to sit , contemplate and breathe.Believe me, you will not forget what you see .In fact, without a photo , you will remember even better. Which brings me to the last point .

4 – Remember as we have lived

One of my passions is surfing and during one of my trips with friends we wanted to take our picture for a few sessions. It was really fun to slide on the waves every day , but at the end of this trip we realized that we did not take any pictures !At the end of the trip I started to believe that I was not as good as I thought surfing and the photos that I could have confirmed to me.Maybe the waves were smaller than what I thought , maybe I looked like an idiot surfing , maybe , maybe , maybe …But no, the memories I have of myself on this trip are positive, I remember surfing like a pro on big waves , and really enjoyed myself with my friends.Will there has pictures that could prove otherwise ? Not . So the memories I have are the ones I have experienced.

Understand this , I say that you should throw your Canon in the canyon . The photos are an important part of any adventure and I happen to take . Especially since I have this blog to share with you my experience.

But know that for me it is important to live in the moment , my fondest memories will unfortunately never published nor dope and I sincerely invite you to enjoy your trip in the same way …

And you , do you agree with these points?

Vietnam trekking : What to visit in Vietnam according to the Huffington Post?

Vietnam trekking

Vietnam trekking

According to the article published in the Huffington Post, five tourist sites are considered sites not to be missed during your trip to Vietnam with Sapa rice terraces , mountains and forests of Ha Giang , Ha Bay long ( Quang Ninh Province ) , the beach of Nha Trang ( Khanh Hoa province ) , the sand dunes of Mui Ne ( Binh Thuan province ) .

Rice terraces of Sapa

Grown by local for centuries, the rice terraces is famous Sapa . Through the seasons, they go yellow Hay, pale green, before reaching just before harvest pure green breathtaking , almost fluorescent. In addition, the rice terraces of Sapa have been recognized as one of the seven rice terraces grandest of Asia and the world in general by Travel and Leisure magazine . This is a special culture in the development of traditional agriculture, mastered by locals 700 – 1500m .

To enjoy the beauty of all yellow and experience the daily life of villagers fields, you should travel to Sapa rice harvest season ( August, September or October).

Mountains and forests of Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the far north of Vietnam. Due to its geographical position alternating large Cordilleras with rivers and streams, this province offers the most spectacular scenery in the country mountains. In particular, this region will surprise you with a fabulous panoramic view of landscape and also by the managements and spontaneous behavior of ethnic : girls wash into streams, children run and throw flowers in the air , etc. . For those who love adventure , hiking and trekking  , Ha Giang is definitely the best choice during your stay in Vietnam. Check this site vietnam trekking to explore your best options for hiking tour in this province

Ha Long Bay

World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994, Ha Long Bay is undoubtedly a natural wonder of the country. Bay offers a picturesque landscape with extrêmenent diversity of beautiful islands of all sizes, all shapes, even large seaside resorts and the most famous caves and cellars. By a boat in Ha Long Bay and admiring its islands , you seem to face the dragons who are diving into the Sea. This is the origin of the name Ha Long ( Descending Dragon ) .

Nha Trang Beach

“Paradise” is the word that refers to both the beauty of the beach of Nha Trang. With a coastline of 40 km in length with over 200 islands , the Nha Trang Bay is called the ” Miami of South East Asia .” It offers tourists the very favorable conditions: beautiful nature, beautiful assets , soft and pleasant climate, friendly people , etc. .Nha Trang is now up to the club of the world’s most beautiful bays. It attracts , already , more international visitors . Foreign presses Nha Trang ranked first among the friendliest Vietnamese sites.

Sand dunes of Mui Ne

The sand dune is one of Mui Ne sand dunes securities greatest. Indeed, these sand dunes and desert evoke the undulating landscapes of the Sahara. It is an ideal place to rest, a natural place to immortalize cliché for photographers and also a dream destination for lovers of seaside pleasures .The color of the sand dunes here changes over time , from dawn to dusk , giving a source of inspiration for many artists. Arrival in Mui Ne, everyone wants to get on top of large sand dunes to immerse themselves in a world of sand, test presentation of slides on the sand and even hitting aware .

Vietnam travel tips : Get your visa for Vietnam here easy and cheap, but remember that this visa is only for travellers coming to Vietnam by airway

More useful sites about Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines
Fly Vietnam
Jet Air
Jet Star
Aviation company in Vietnam

The best diving spots in Peru

In the land of hot water and the beach

As Peru is bordered by the Pacific Ocean , there are many sites highly prized by surfers . Moreover , many schools set up along the beaches offer introductory courses and equipment hire , which makes the experience easily accessible during a trip to Peru. What we are talking a little less, is diving . It is true that Peru is not a priori the first destination that comes to mind to explore the seabed . But let’s be frank, it is a little similar to rafting, paragliding, beach or even haute cuisine , right? The perennial problem of Peru is that it suffers from its image of ” Land of the Incas Machu Picchu where the llamas and prevail .” And yet it has much more to offer!



Talking about diving, Lonely tell you that the water is cold except from mid -December to March, during the summer of Peru. For myself bathed in the Pacific waters Lima in winter , I can tell you that the water temperature is more than bearable. It is true that I was almost the only one to venture there and from Quebec, I am quite accustomed to fresh water lakes, but in all honesty , I found it great … and I’m far from being courageous when it comes to cold water ! In southern Peru , it is possible to snorkel in the Lima area , but also in Arequipa, Ica , Pisco region , and the Paracas National Reserve along the famous sea lions

However, the best diving spots are certainly found in northern Peru . Piura , Tumbes and Ancash is a paradise for the beach , fishing and water sports in general. For diving, more precisely , which makes northern Peru more interesting is that the tropical current warms the water. In addition, the seabed are richer in species with colorful tropical fish, turtles , sea lions and even whales . In short, it is an activity not to be missed during a trip to Peru !

For beginners : El Nuro or Caleta el Nuro ( Piura ) is a fishing village with a beautiful beach . Not only the place is really quiet , but the waters are impressive turquoise shades. There is a large colony of endangered turtles , almost always visible during the dive .

For advanced : Just a few kilometers away , there is Los Organos ( Piura ) , best known for being one of the best surfing in Peru. It take its name from the wind which creates a sound similar to an organ when it comes to cutting down on the rocks of Punta Veleros . Must leave the beach and head to the abandoned ( 20min by boat from the main pier) oil platform to find the best dive site (quite original I must say !) . Large columns supporting the platform down to 70 meters deep and are covered with corals and shellfish of all kinds . Fish are constantly attracted to this place for food which is a pretty sight. You can even see some sea lions resting on the platform ! The diving here is up to 30 meters deep.

Visit the region from Lima

– Take a plane ticket to Tumbes , then a taxi ($ 25 , 1.5 h) or colectivo ( $ 3, 2h) 150 km.

– Otherwise, Piura management plane, but the distance separating it from los Organos is longer ( 2:30) .

– You can also choose the bus companies with Cruz del Sur or Palominos . The trip takes 20 hours , which can be difficult to make in terms of time if your stay is short enough concession.

Punta Sal ( Tumbes ) is also unique . Made for divers of all levels , exploring reefs is colorful : tropical fish , turtles, octopuses and seahorses roam the seabed to the delight of our eyes. Diving is 12 to 18m deep.

Of course , several diving schools offer both courses , all kinds of packages or just the equipment rental. You will even find many hotel offering overnight packages and diving. What is unique here is that the atmosphere is relaxed and rather quiet beaches . You will see some people walking on the sand , but tourism has not yet invaded these little corners of paradise . That, my friends, is the good life .

Great plan to visit Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Le Mont-Saint-Michel can be visited in a day from Paris

If you go visit Paris soon, you might be tempted by a trip to Mont Saint Michel. The latter is certainly far from Paris, but it is one of the most visited sites in France, but also one of the most beautiful. Enjoy being in the North of France to finally explore what made ​​the reputation of Normandy. A day trip from Paris in the mythical town ensconced Mont Saint-Michel is an opportunity you will not want to miss: Mount and the bay that surrounds it, are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1979. It is not by chance that it was nicknamed the Mont Saint Michel the “Wonder of the West.”

Topped with a huge rich in history and beautiful architecture equipped with Abbey, the village of 43 inhabitants has winding streets and medieval streets that take you back in the past and where you can enjoy fresh air large bowls. You will observe around Mount tides among the most spectacular in the world, offering views evolving.

But located 5 hours drive west of Paris, is it possible to enjoy the breathtaking view of Mont Saint Michel in such a short time? The answer is yes: in the space of a single day, it is possible to leave Paris and go to Mont-Saint-Michel and return the same evening in the City of Light.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel can be visited in a day from Paris

Le Mont-Saint-Michel can be visited in a day from Paris

But a busy day full of discoveries

Upon arrival, after taking a few minutes to enjoy, agape, the stunning views of Mont Saint Michel, you have 4 hours to visit the village and the abbey (if you chose the option “free”, see below). As children entering Disneyland, you may have first a little hungry: do not hesitate to perk up with a nice meal of Normandy, drinking some cider. Then you’ll have time to wander the cobbled streets to the abbey, the main attraction. With your purchase through the link below tickets, you will not have to queue and can go directly inside the magnificent Gothic building.

After visiting the abbey for 1 hour or more, you’ll have time to stroll through the streets of the small town, sunbathing in a small green park if the weather permits, and observe the movements of the tide around Mont Saint Michel. You will have the opportunity to enter eclectic shops to buy some souvenirs Norman and even eat a piece before getting into the bus late afternoon.

Book online for convenience

Several choices are available to you to visit the Mont Saint Michel. You can take the option “free”, which for only 125 €, offers direct travel to the site via an air-conditioned bus, a ticket to the abbey, and four hours of free time to explore the mountain freely . A second option for € 170 includes lunch and a guided tour. Please note that prices may vary, so do not hesitate to click on this button below for more information (what types of clothing depending on the season take for example …). You will also see that it is possible to book a real living from Paris, why not with a tour of the castles of the Loire (in 2 or 3 days) or the landing beaches, St Malo, etc …

Mexico – Campeche city – where to stay and eat

Mexico – Campeche city

Mexico – Campeche city

As I was telling you last time, Edzna Mayan site is at about  60 km from the city of Campeche where we stayed for one night only, in our way to Merida. The city of Campeche, actually San Francisco de Campeche is the capital of Campeche region where there is a lot to see. Unfortunately for us, we had time to see only the beautiful Edzna Mayan city I have already told you about.

I will not say much about Campeche city about which you can read on many sites – I’ll only say it was the main city of the Mayan region Ah Kin Pech and it belongs to UNESCO world heritage list.

We arrived in the city around 6 p.m and, obviously, we went first to check in at the hotel I had booked –  Hotel del Mar, a Best Western hotel that I had chosen well. It was nice and comfortable, at a reasonable price (about 60 euro/double room breakfast included), it had an outside pool and, what is more important, it was facing the sea.

Another beautiful hotel where you might stay in Campeche is Castermar which is closer to the center, looks very well and its prices are also reasonable. Furthermore it has very good comments.

After checking in and refreshing a little bit, we had just a little time to catch some light and admire and blue, quiet sea.

We then headed towards the center to look for a restaurant to have dinner. As it was at the beginning of January, the entire central square (Independence Square) was highly lighted and decorated for winter holidays. It was rather strange for us, coming from a country with serious winters, with cold and snow, to look at the Christmas decoration at 25 degrees Celsius (like in Ciudad de Mexico as well).

In the central square there is a very beautiful cathedral that was very nicely put to value by the lighting on its facade.

The first restaurant we stopped at is probably also the best known and appreciated because of its traditional atmosphere and location – Casa Vieja – which is at the first floor of a colonial building facing the square.

However we stayed there just for a beer because we did not feel inspired by the menu, the service did not seem great and it actually felt too touristic.

So we left, turned right and found a local restaurant, La Parroquia, where we ate very well and had some very good cocktails as well. Prices were very reasonable and most Mexicans were eating there. La Parroquia is also a hostel but I would not recommend it.

Practically this was our experience in Campeche. Maybe next time.

One of the most important things we missed in the region was Calakmul biosphere reserve which is at about 320 km from Campeche town, and where there is a very large number of animals, insects, birds, reptiles and plants and where there is also a very impressive Mayan archaeological site.  I still regret not having seen it. I only saw pictures in the albums and on the Internet. Fantastic!

Exciting Holiday Destinations Of Sri Lanka

Club Bentota Sri Lanka

Club Bentota Sri Lanka

SriLanka is one of the countries where you can visit and have a memorable holiday. There are many exciting holiday destinations you should visit and make your vacation a great one. Here are some of the most exciting destinations in SriLanka.


  • Arugam bay is situated in the dry zone of South East coast of SriLanka. This is a great tourist destination where you can engage in surfing and other beach games. If you enjoy fishing, this is a perfect place for you to visit. There are also hotels, restaurants and shops where you can enjoy shopping your favourite products.


  • This is a SriLankan coastal city popular for its golden beaches making it a great tourist destination. The town is famous for international tourists and it hosts a lot of proclaimed hotels where you can enjoy meals from different cultures from around the world. If you like drinks, the town is famous for production of Toddy, which is an alcoholic beverage manufactured from coconut nectar.

Bundala National Park

  • If you enjoy watching animals, then you should visit Bundala national park. This is a great destination where you can watch thousands of bird species. In addition, the area is also popular for its abundant aquatic life where you can enjoy watching a lot of animal that live in water. Bundala national park also habits many other animals such as crocodiles, turtles, elephants, leopard and other animals. Running along the coast east of Hambantota, the park is perfect for immediate gratification. You can enjoy taking a four hour jeep ride and enjoy seeing crocodiles, elephants, flamingos and giant squirrels.


  • This is another great holiday destination that has the biggest and well preserved cave temple complex in the country. Dambula also has the largest rose quartz mountain range in the entire south Asia. There are also many other archaeological sites which you can visit during your holiday. Here you get to see cave temples that give evidence on the presence of the traditional civilizations before the arrival of the Indians.


  • This is one of the great destinations that offer a lot of natural beauty. There are a lot of things to do and see in Kalpitiya. Unlike many other destinations which offer more or urban life, here you get to enjoy life away from the major cities in Sri Lanka. You will enjoy watching the night fishing boats and visits one of the fish markets where you can enjoy an evening meal from the fresh catch. When exploring the coastline, you can take leisure rides and canoe trips down the river. You can also take 4WD jeep rides as you move along the deserted sand dunes. The rides will offer you a great way of watching the beautiful evening sunsets.


  • This is a small town popular for the wildlife sanctuary which is a great spot for tourists because of the many elephants found here. It is located near Habarana which has many high class hotels where you can rest and enjoy great meals.

Make sure you apply for Sri Lankan visas for you to be permitted to gain entry into the country. Apply prior to your visit to avoid last minute inconveniences that may occur.

Why visit Germany?

Why visit Germany?

Why visit Germany?

At first, the great European power what Germany can be scary if we associate with this status industrial cities and hyper dynamic country. But the incredible heritage, confused, Germany, is breathtaking castles, museums, medieval towns, cathedrals, gastronomy, nature, palace, and history … there is plenty to do.

The strength of this country and the advantage to discover, is the ease to the people to mix history, culture, and modernity through a youth on whom Germany can count. So it turns out modern cities, where art is on the street, where the sights and mark your visit.

It was in Germany that you will find among the trendiest clubs in Europe, including Berlin, or even internationally known festivals. One thinks of the Oktoberfest in Munich, the famous beer festival.

It is also noted that Germany has coasts on the North and Baltic seas which is not overlooked. As the number of shared borders with other countries, which makes it possible a short stay in Germany if you’re in a neighboring country, or vice versa.

The cost of living in Germany is rather high, especially at events in cities at certain times of the year. But this should not dampen your wanderlust. Think, as everywhere, every type of budget can be found there. Eastern Germany is a bit cheaper, which encourages them to go discover Berlin.

Halong Bay and Lan ha bay what to do

Halong Bay and Lan ha bay

Halong Bay and Lan ha bay

Halong is for years the focal point leading to the north. The bay includes a few thousand rocks which nearly 1000 islands and islets. They are infinitely varied forms, evoking many animal species, hence their names: Dragon Island, Monkey Island, Toad Island, Turtle Island, Island Gamecock etc.. Boats and motorboats are available for a cruise among the islands, islands with caves and grottoes to explore the hidden wonders of nature.


The Royal Island Zoo

Up to 200 km from ‘the beach there are rare species such as the white fox, white snake, birds and turtles unusual.

The Monkey Island

This is the place to be for the Red-nosed monkey.

Tra Co Bay

Located in the eastern part of the Sino-Vietnamese border, the bay stretches 15km from Sablon is one of the largest in the country. It offers beautiful scenery including the temple of Tra Co, Khanh Linh pagoda, Doi temple etc..

The Van Don Island

50km north-east of Halong City, the island is home to a botanical garden. There are some 600 islets

Mount of Yen Tu

40km north-west of Halong City, the Mount stands on the great mass of the Northeast, with picturesque landscapes and pagodas that hold Buddhism 13th century. Many royal dynasties have ranked among the most beautiful mountains in the country.

Thien Cung Cave

Ha Long, Halong, Vietnam 15km above the level of the sea cave was recently discovered (1995). It attracts tourists with its stalactites and stalagmites multifaceted.

Dau Go Cave

One of the most beautiful caves of Halong Bay, it has three cavities. The first is also the largest, it fascinates by the shapes of different colors of stalactites and stalagmites. However, the walls of the second sparkle that brightness is projected above. In the third there is a natural fresh water wells. For these reasons the French named it “Cave of Wonders”.

Lan ha Bay cruise

Next to Halong bay, Lan ha bay is a small bay , a little gem that few people know You can acces to this bay from Halong bay or from Hai Phong city in passing by Cat Ba island – This is the ideal place for lovers of hiking, kayaking, climbing and cruising , for more infos about this cruise , check out this site  to find the best otpions of tours for you

How to find a cheap flight to Vietnam and to prepare your bag for Vietnam trip


How to find a cheap flight to Vietnam

Airline tickets to Vietnam are often expensive and discourage some travelers choose this destination. So how to find a cheap flight to Vietnam? Here are our top tips for finding cheap flights to and from Vietnam in the best possible conditions:

1-Except promotions last minute, we recommend you take your ticket in advance. More you do it, the sooner you’re likely to have the cheapest tickets.
2 – Choose tickets go / return, especially if you travel less than three months.
3 – Go rather slow periods, avoiding weekends, holidays and school holidays. Remember to check the calendar on the Vietnamese festivities.
4 – Buy online rather than in a travel agency you save commission fees.
5 – Use comparators flights to find the cheapest flights to Vietnam as kayaking / skyscanner / i comparator
Check the option “date flexible travel” to estimate the price of the period of your stay. You will be directed to the following agencies online.
6 – Some online agencies that we recommend: / Govoyages / or Voyage Vietnam
7 – Check the costs of the airports of departure and destination. You might pay less leaving major cities (Paris, London, etc …).
You can also choose your tickets directly on airline websites such as: Vietnam Airlines and Air France (direct flights). They regularly offer deals. Beware of ticket taxes for low cost flights, they may be equivalent to the price of the ticket!

The perfect bag for her trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is a wonderful country to visit but that the stay more enjoyable, consider taking the practical and all important documents

It is not useful to take a big suitcase because you find cheap clothes and even make you custom make, once on site. However, be aware that it is more difficult to find larger sizes and larger shoe sizes. Here are our recommendations to help you prepare and take only the essential …


A swimsuit to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Vietnam
Shorter clothes (shorts, shorts, skirts, dresses, T-shirts)
Long clothing (pants, long-sleeved T-shirts, shirts, vests) to prevent cool evenings, sunburn or even in some areas of insect bites
Comfortable and easy to remove (Thongs and light shoes) shoes, it is not uncommon to have to remove to get at people or in some stores & pagodas
A cap or hat
A cape or a waterproof jacket to protect you in case of heavy rain
A toiletry kit with sunscreen, of tropical mosquito repellents and earplugs (if you are sensitive to noise)
Drugs, for large quantities, consider taking your prescription. – A lightweight backpack for excursions, typically remain suitcases at the hotel (see our advice on health and vaccines in Vietnam)
A camera to capture your vacation  in Vietnam

CAUTION: Do not forget your passport, your visa to Vietnam (or your record prior acceptance), airline tickets and possibly your health record


If you go make sure to take a trekking,  good walking shoes are recommended
In winter, in northern Vietnam, take a jacket and some warmer clothes (sweaters, turtlenecks, scarves)

Come to Courmayeur

MonteBianco2-300x225This is Courmayeur the Italian equivalent to Chamonix, but a little more real. It is the last village in Italy before the Mont Blanc tunnel and driving underneath the legendary mountain of the same name. The mountain itself (4810m) is the largest in Western Europe and when approaching it from either side, it’s immensity is breath-taking. I have come through the tunnel over 100 times in the past four years and I slow down to appreciate its beauty during sunny and cloudy skies. As a result of its remoteness, the countryside is stunning yet internet connections are few and far between (apologies for this late post). I have been ski instructing for the past few days in Courmayeur and have been able to get to an Internet café once every two nights or so (sometimes the grolla gets in the way). Since the resort is one of the most popular ski destinations with Italians, it also has its share of high prices. But if you know where to go – and where not to go – you can avoid the trouble spots and enjoy an exceptional ski vacation under the shadow of this majestic mountain. For example, the Bar delle Guide in the village is worth avoiding (yet I’d suggest using it for the Internet). The drinks are expensive yet the couches and exposed wood make it a nice area to sit back and answer emails or start tweeting. After eleven o’clock the music gets louder and the tourists start laughing loudly in their native tongue. On the other side of the town (via Roma) you’ll find Bar Roma and they have an interesting twist on the après-ski activity: they serve delicious hors d’oeuvres and you can relax on comfortable sofas near a fire in the entrance way. Its not a loud ski bar, but a calm place to enjoy a glass of local Petit Rouge, Torrete or even Morellino di Scanscano (my favorite) for a few euros with all the appetizers you can eat (from oven roasted potatoes to cold pasta salad to vegetable frittata). When on the hill, make sure to grab the pizza from Il Cantuccio at the top of the Checrouit gondola – large slices covered with cheese certain to appease any mountain appetite. But be careful during the weekends: that’s when the Italians hit the slopes and the lines to the register are infinite. Towards the end of the day, grab a vin chaud – hot spiced wine – from the Bar du Soleil in Plan Checrouit. They make the best on the mountain. There is no pretense along the Courmayeur slopes. In fact, you’ll find that the ski area is often less expensive than the town itself (that’s mainly because most people come here to be seen but don’t actually ski). So go hit the slopes, and leave the beautiful people in the town for your evening people watching events.

Skiing in Les Karellis

celinepatrick-300x225There are certain things about France that don’t cease to amaze me. One is the incredible skiing in the winter. I’ve skied in a number of the more popular resorts in the French Alps (Courchevel, Val Thorens, Méribel, etc.) and of course the conditions were great and I had a great time. But what’s more interesting – and fun – are the resorts that people don’t know about. Les Karellis is one of those. Nestled away in the Valley of the Maurienne (about an hour’s drive from Chambéry to Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne) you’ll find the slopes pretty empty and nicely groomed. We went last Saturday and the tourists either leave or arrive on the weekend and thus don’t get out on the slopes much on the weekend – but this was amazing. Except for a few locals (and I mean locals from Savoie, not locals from Paris) it felt like we had the mountain all to ourselves. There was great snow in the morning and the off-piste was spectacular. We sat around a few picnic tables at noon to eat lunch with Combe de Savoie cheese, ham, tea, and peanut butter and jam sandwiches (supplied by me – my French companions did not appreciate the American delicacy). Not only was the weather perfect, but so was the company: Lucile is an old friend of mine who organized the trip – this was the first time we got to ski together. She’s from the other side of the valley from Les Karellis and knew all of the surrounding valleys and peaks. She also pointed out the local fauna that were grazing just above her house. Natasha is a student in Geology and works with the local mountain guides; Céline hails from the North, but prefers the mountains and changing atmosphere of Savoie; and Patrick is half-Venezuelan, half-French and is a mad driver (especially when he stuffed four people and all their kit into his Peugeot to take us safely back to Chambéry). Towards the end of the day, we sat around Lucile’s house and ate crêpes, drank hot chocolate and tea and chatted about the enviromental issues concerning the Maurienne valley. A great day and a great way to listen to the concerns of the local Savoie youth, who are just as concerned for the mountains and the environment as are many of us who enjoy the outdoors.Thanks to Lucile and the rest of the gang for your hospitality.

If you want to check out the film of Les Karellis, its here Otherwise you can go to the Vids page and see it there.

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