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5 items to pass the time on a long flight !

You do not know what to do during your long-line flights ? So I compiled a list of 5 items to try to pass the time by plane …Unless travel business class or first class even better , it is very difficult to sleep on a plane . This is especially true with low-cost airlines as Jet4you which you are sure to find a cheap flight but in which it will make concessions on comfort and entertainment offered.So much to expect before and take a few things that will help improve your comfort and distract you a few hours. Here is a list of 5 simple and relatively inexpensive gadgets but whose usefulness is obvious:

1 – An audio adapter : This tool allows you to use your own headphones on any aircraft requiring a dual outlet. You then avoid using headphones plastic cause irritation to the ears after a few hours.

2 – A universal adapter : More and more companies offer to passengers seats with electrical outlet. By cons , you may have bought in duty free an object in a country that is not compatible with the sockets of the aircraft. With an adapter, never worries of incompatibility … so you can enjoy the flight to learn how to use your new toy as a laptop.

3 – An inflatable travel pillow : Difficult to squeeze his head to sleep on a chair in the economy class and also very difficult to take your own pillow . Here is the solution with an inflatable pillow.

4 – light Kindle for reading : fans for Reading, with this little electronic gem, you can download e-
books , magazines and newspapers via WiFi or 3G network and play them very easily . I recommend you also book Latitude 0 Mike Horn before you plunge into the adventure time and I mentioned in an article.

5 – Sony HMZ -T1 glasses : less accessible but gives really want it mounted display allows you to watch any movie that you will take in Divx isolating you from all that is happening around the plane. I’ve never tried it, but it looks really bad.

These are only suggestions , but I think they are trying . I’m sure there are plenty of other , and each of these tricks …

And you manage to sleep on a plane ? Otherwise, how do you spend time?

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