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More Magic Powder from Vail

If I’m reading this analytics thing correctly, there were over 500 views of this blog yesterday. In just one day, 500 views. I can’t thank you enough: I was certain to have lost readership in the four weeks I was out and about. But apparently viewership has increased – and that’s a very nice thing.

In celebration of Vail’s final days of the season, here is yet another short video of just my friends and I skiing around in Vail. I ask myself what all these folks do in the off-season (those who aren’t year-rounders like Tom) and my answer came from this article in the Vail Daily. Apparently most people are looking to get to Europe (or back home from Europe), creating a travel agent’s nightmare at a time when the skies are full of ash. I find it ironic how mountains can be both the cause of such happiness and unhappiness depending on which side of the slope you’re on. At least Vail isn’t on a fault-line and the only ash they have to worry about is the clean-up after the holiday bonfires.

The shots in this video could be a bit more exciting I admit, but I wanted to try different editing techniques and see what I could come up with in my “studio” (which quadruples as a kitchen, garage and dining room). A few friends have expressed interest in seeing more of me in the film, so this one features me talking and skiing in the end. I think the most interesting shot is my stack at the end of the clip. And yes: I know my Telemark form needs improving. This was only the third time I had Telied in about three years (excuses).  A special thanks to everyone out in Vail who made my stay a great experience and to the boys who lead me around the mountain for a week. Another special thanks to Soundgarden for the soundtrack. They didn’t give me permission to use it, but it’s the song that always runs through my head when coming down a mountain and I think it adds a lot of energy to the clip. Hope you enjoy the film.

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