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authorI’ve spent over fifteen years in the outdoor industry, specifically in adventure travel. From time to time I’ve tried to maintain what my friends had called a “real” job, but for some reason I’ve been drawn to the outdoors and continue my profession where there are no walls defining my office space or my cubicle – all the more reason why I do not understand contemporary television: I don’t relate to it and I don’t want to. By writing this paragraph I in no way intend to communicate that my lifestyle is better than anyone else’s. I believe the great thing about time on this planet is it allows all possibilities to all people: you have the option to stand on your head or follow the herd. Fifteen years of leading, organizing and executing outdoor adventure travel from hiking trips, to biking escapades, to culinary discoveries, to ski holidays, to wine tastings and kayak outings, have brought me to realize how unique my job really is: I get to play like a 10-year-old, people in their cubicles count on me to see they are safe, and I get paid to do it. I’m a University Professor, a translator, a bike mechanic, a business affiliate, a travel media creator, a chef, a ski instructor, a critical thinker and problem solver. But regardless of my profession, I believe that thinking “Outside of the Box” and truly making it happen for yourself starts from within – from a decisive detachment between heart and mind, when the heart takes over, and the mind no longer follows what is expected of it by societies with their heads in the sand. In the meantime, I will continue to do all of these jobs and write about them here – hopefully for your enjoyment – all the while standing on my head.

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